Catalogs & Info

A company's inventory or list of services and the accompanying information can be overwhelming to consumers and employees alike. Condensing this information into brochures and catalogs delivers the information in a user-friendly manner. I recently finished a catalog for Professional Botanicals in which all of the products the company produces are organized and simplified in one place to give consumers easier access to all that the company offers. The images below are links to the full catalog. Click on them if you would like to see the finished product in its entirety.


Brochures are another way to simplify a company's services or other information into a user-friendly document that will actually be looked at. Informational pieces such as brochures are a great way to get information in the right hands. I design the brochures to deliver necessary information to consumers while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. Click on the brochure pictures to view the full documents.