hair by alexa shaw

Jordan – Blonde Ombre – Long Bob

How It’s Done

This gal had long blonde hair about mid waist. Had a few highlights at the root and a natural level 8 Hair. First, we cut the hair so that the ombre melt would be correctly applied. Often stylists make the mistake of leaving the long hair and cutting off the desired color after.

We used Pravna 7N at the base and Goldwell bleach Vol. 30 at the ends. After applying the base color I moved around the head taking sections from the top of the head the bottom hair line in vertical sections. Skipping every other section to create a natural look.

This entire cut was done with a feathered razor to give the cut some ‘shattered’ looking ends. Blunt is not the goal with this look. Make sure your stylist doesn’t use harsh lines. There is a slight A-line shape as it is shorter at the back and longer around the face.