lynnsey hair by alexa shaw

Lynnsey – Orange Red Hair – Long Layers

Lynnsey has extremely thick, and extremely course hair. To top it off, IT’S CURLY! How do you manage such a think and make it sleek and beautiful and most of all manageable?! The right haircut, and the right product.

I used long layers on lynnsey, starting in vertical sections from the top to the bottom of the hair line vertically. To give this some added volume don’t be scared to add some shorter layers up top (don’t get too crazy). For lynnsey’s thick hair I used texturizing shears to make the ends lay flat and smooth and took away the harsh lines. Point cutting is also used to make sure nothing is too blunt on this cut. Ever had your hair cut and afterwards you feel like a box? Tell your stylist to make sure your hair has texture!! Many stylist cut corners and do the basic straight line angles to get you in and out and onto the next.

My favorite smoothing agent- Moroccan Oil. There is no knock off that compares. Spend the money and get yourself good product. It’s worth it. You and your hair will love it. I use about a quarter size amount when the hair is wet, and additional when it’s dry to smooth things out. Favorite styling products? Unite Eurotherapy. I educate for this company for a few years and learned the ins and outs and IT IS THE BEST. I use Expanda on the roots to get more lift. Best root pump out there. GUARANTEED!Boosta on the rest of the hair for texture and hold. This is a must have for people with fine, thin hair, but perfect for thick hair as a smoothing and holding agent. Then Tricky spray half wax, half hairspray for moldable hold and perfect separation of layers.